Hyperlocal Recycling Tips

The following tips are the best tips for Malvern residents, not all tips. See this community maintained google sheet for all Malvern, PA tips.

Recycling Malvern, PA

General Merchandise

  • Thrift Shop at Good Sam is a small shop that accepts sellable, in season goods. They raise money for families in need. Cash only. They don't want anything out of season or not sellable due to poor condition.
  • Buy Nothing Malvern, PA is Facebook group where you can "gift" what you want to give away. Most of the posters are reliable and punctual. There is a Buy Nothing phone app to try out as well to avoid the need for Facebook.

Recycling Plastic Film

  • Home Depot, Target, Giant, and Wegmans all accept plastic film. Plastic film is what stretches and is clear. Those white frozen vegetable bags are not recyclable plastic film (throw them out).

Car Related Waste Recycling

  • Advanced Auto Frazer accepts Auto Transmission Fluid, Coolant, Gear Oil, and Motor Oil. They also accept car batteries and will give you $10 store credit (no one else close by gives you a credit).

TVs, Monitors, and Old Computers

  • Best Buy Downingtown accepts TVs, appliances, and electronics. See details.
  • Lanchester Landfill also has a dedicated area for old computers and TVs. See full list here. Here's a video of me checking it out.
  • If your TV is old and working. Try posting to Facebook as free or Craigslight as free. Some retro gamers are seeking old TVs with composite and component connections.
  • If your TV is new and broken. Try posting to Facebook as free or Craigslight as free. Some people are willing to try to fix them.

Working Appliances

  • PECO will pick up your old fridge or freezer for free and give you $75. You can also get a $10 rebate for an old, working room air conditioners and mini-fridges with the pickup of qualifying full-size refrigerator or freezer.


  • The closest option for recycling styrofoam is Lanchester Landfill which is a 30+ minute drive for us. It is a nice drive with garden centers and dairy farms along the way to stop at.

Household Batteries and Scrap Metal

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs, Tool/Computer/Phone Batteries, and Plant Pots

  • Home Depot Frazer is the place to recycle your Tool/Computer/Phone batteries (not household or car), lightbulbs, and plastic plant pots. Blog post

Old DVDs and VHS tapes

Unwanted Bikes

  • Dom Fixes Bikes in Paoli accepts bikes to give away to people in need.
  • Zummobike in Berwyn accepts bikes (working or in need of repairs) for donation that are awarded to kids with strong attendance to school.

Household Furniture

Business Clothing

  • Wings for Success accepts clothes in an effort to “Empower women and girls in need to achieve career and economic stability through education, apparel, and advocacy.”

Worn Clothes

  • Goodwill, Greendrop, and HELPSY Bin at Wilson Farm Park all will actually recycle old clothes that can't be resold. Always make sure they are washed and in a plastic bag.

Mercury Thermostats

Old Laptop Computers

  • Compute for Care will fix up your donated laptop and give it to someone in need. Email palash.awasthi@outlook.com directly if you don't use facebook.

Old Books and Eyeglasses

  • Take your old books to the Chester County library in Exton, PA. The back door entrance area is the best place to drop off if the library is open. If closed, just put in the bin. Your donated books will go to a book sale that is a fundraiser for our library.
  • At the entrance of the Chester County library in Exton, PA there's a bin for gently used glasses.

Any condition shoes, Holiday Lights, Natural Cork, Oyster Shells, Cell Phones

  • Mom's Organic in Bryn Mawr is 25 minutes away but accepts these hard to recycle items. Side note: this is the only store to fill up your own container with fresh peanut butter.

Junk Car

  • Beartown Recycling in Narvon, PA has a giant claw that will take your junk car off your trailer.

Ink Cartridges

  • Target Malvern accepts any type of printer cartridges. Closest option. Turn right as you enter the store to find the bin between guest services and the restrooms. No vouchers or store credit given.
  • Staples Exton accepts any type of printer cartridges. Bring to customer service desk. You can receive a $2 voucher if you buy $35 worth of cartridges every six months.

Pet Items, small Blankets, Towels, and sheets

  • Brandywine Valley SPCA accepts pet items and washed, gently used towels and blankets. Please no crocheted fabrics.

Flower Vases

  • Matlack Florist accepts vases for reuse. Any vase but smaller clear glass is preferred. Call ahead (610) 431-3077 to confirm.

Smoke Detectors

Used Makeup **USER SUBMITTED TIP** 2/9/2023

  • Sephora in Exton now has a box at the register to recycle cosmetic, beauty and similar containers (e.g. perfume, makeup, skin care) - plastic, glass and even multi-component items like eyeshadow palletes and compacts

Medical Equipment

Solo Cups

Old/Broken Mattel Toys

  • Mattel PlayBack accepts Barbie®, Fisher-Price®, Matchbox® and MEGA™ toys for recycling. They will recover the materials so they can be reused as recycled content in new products. Free prepaid label.

Packing Peanuts

  • We can't find a place that will recycle packing peanuts. If you find one please let us know via the feedback input on the bottom of this page.

Reduce, Reuse, and Refuse Tips

While not recycling, these local businesses are on board with limiting waste and helping us reduce and refuse.

  • McKenzie Brew House Malvern and TJ's Paoli can fill up your beer growler. (refuse)
  • Wawa Malvern will let you fill up your own cup for drinks. (refuse)
  • Phoenixville Honey will take back empty jars (no lids) for a 50 cents per jar credit. (reuse)
  • Malvern Buttery will sell you bread with no packaging and you can use your own bag. (refuse)
  • Malvern Buttery will let you use your own cup for togo coffee. They sell a really nice MiiR cup in the store in case you don't have one. (refuse)
  • Wingswept Acres at the Malvern farmer's market will take back their empty egg cartons. (reuse)
  • Worrell's Butcher Shop will let you use your own container for fresh cuts. (refuse)
  • Kimberton Malvern has an area for reusable bags that you can use like "leave a penny, take a penny". (refuse)
  • Levante Brewing of West Chester sells sixtels which is a small keg. Less waste for your next party when serving beer. (refuse)
  • Kimberton Downingtown has bulk coffee, and you can use your own container. (refuse)
  • Kimberton Malvern has bulk spices and you can bring your own container. This is especially useful if you only need a small amount of spice for a particular recipe. (refuse, reduce)
  • Mom's Bryn Mawr has make your own peanut butter and you can bring your own container. (refuse)
  • Locust Lane Malvern and Levante West Chester will take back their beer can clips. (reuse)
  • Kimberton Malvern and Wegmans sell milk in glass containers that you can return to the store. There is a $2 deposit. (reuse)
  • Prana House West Chester has loose tea, and if you use your own container, you get 5% off. (refuse)